Welcome to Mr. Smith's Science Web Site!

Dear Parents at San Dieguito Academy,

This site contains many important resources for you as a parent. It is your gateway to information about what your son or daughter will be learning through out the school year. Not only will it allow you to review the topics discussed in class, it has links to

Although my focus is for every student to learn science, I especially want students to learn how to be independent life-long learners. We will explore how to read complex scientific textbooks, use observations to develop conclusions, and learn different strategies for reviewing/studying complex content. The shift to the Common Core Standards leads students to develop reading and writing skills in all subject areas. We will examine readings from various sources, research topics related to chemistry and publish work using a variety of multimedia tools.

This course is built differently than most traditional classroom environments. We will be building our science knowledge through an inquiry based process. In order to accomplish this type of learning it will be built upon answering questions based on phenomena rather than rote memorization. This will then lead the class to research and test ideas in order to construct knowledge.

In order to access the content for the course I will be using a learning management system called Haiku (Now called PowerSchool Learning). This online tool gives your son or daughter twenty-four hour access to all course content. I believe these resources will create an opportunity for success if all the material is at the student's disposal upfront!

To keep up in this digital age, I will be posting announcements and other important items using Twitter. You can follow me @SmithSDA.

Thank you for taking time to look at this site. I hope you find it useful. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via e-mail or call me at (619) 880-0235.