This is a list of the projects I have worked on in my career as a teacher and Masters student at San Diego State University

DataDirector (Website - ISD Package)

DataDirector is a powerful data management software which allows for the tracking of student progress using formative or summative assessments. The program is Internet based and allows the user to dissagrate data and analyze results collected from the assessments. I built this website with help from Grace Reyes and Jason Barclay. Along with building a website with job-aids and videos, I developed an instructional design package to instruct teachers on the use of DataDirector for assessment collection.

Blackboard 9 (Website)

The San Dieguito Union High School District upgraded from Blackboard 6 to Blackboard 9 during the 2010-2011 school year. Because of the increased use of technology and a need to place information in a safe and accessible environment for students, I developed a web resource to help teachers convert from Blackboard 6 to Blackboard 9. Currently I am in the process of training teachers the many features of this great learning management system. Right now the focus is using Blackboard 9 as a formative assessment tool in the classroom.

Specific Learning Objectives

In order to increase course consistency across the school sites within the SDUHSD I worked to create Specific Learning Objectives (SLO's)for Chemistry. Once developed, a small groupof teachers at two different sites collabortively worked to revise and refine these SLO's to be used district wide. Each objective is part of the core development for students to reach the California State Standards in Chemistry. In order to facilitate other departments to create their own SLO's I developed a short inservice to help with writing the measureable objectives. These objectives will then be used to create common formative and summative assessments.


As a project for my Masters program at San Diego State University, we were asked to create a podcast. I decided to take the creation one step further and use video to teach visualize the concept. The vodcast required the use of Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Soundbooth, and SMARTBoard software to be integrated and merged to one final product.

Virtual Insect Collection

As a collaborative project, with Mario Jaquez and Grace Reyes, we created a virtual insect collection website to work with another classroom across the country. This project based learning system allows the instructor and students to learn about the different insects in different parts of the world. It encourages collaboration within the classroom and virtually as the students share the insects located in their neighborhood.

Learning Spaces

As a teacher, learning spaces are important to make it inviting for the student and functional for the teacher. I worked with Krista Ferguson and Stacey Johnson to create a science laboartory which would grow and be adaptable for the 21st century learning.