Eric J. Smith's Portfolio


This portfolio is a tool to demonstrate the knowledge acquired during my time in the Masters of Educational Technology program at San Diego State University. This portfolio will showcase my ability in three main areas of EDTEC standards.

  • Values
  • Skills
  • Knowledge


I wanted a challenging program which would lead me to develop lessons for the 21st century. Students are always "plugged in" and we must be able to utilize the technology out there in order to keep their interest in the subject matter. The COMET program allowed me the opportunity to gain knowledge using many of the most recent Web 2.0 technologies and to integrate these items into my daily teachings. We not only focused on K-12 issues, but the training of employees in small companies and large corporations with learning management systems, online tools, and face to face instruction.

I was more interested in the use of data to drive decision making. By using task analysis, performances analysis, and other evaluative tools I learned how to make a decision based upon the data. This became the most important part of the program for me and changed the way I taught my classes. I spent time analyzing what my students really needed to know and then developed clear cut objectives for them to use and review. This not only informed the students of the content knowledge they needed to know, it focused my teaching of the material.


With this new found knowledge I hope to reach out and train other teachers in K-12 about integration of technology in the classroom and how performing analyses on class data can lead to stronger learning and deeper knowledge for the student. My ultimate goal would be the Director of Technology for a school district.